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Spirit Tubs, with its new line of Walk-In Tubs, have been serving the St. Louis & St. Charles area for over 5 years. We have sold and installed over 400 tubs during this period of time. We are a member of the Better Business Bureau, and have an A+ rating. 

Our tubs are truly made in the USA. Our patent pending low step in [2 1/2 inch] is the leading walk-in tub in the industry!

Our tubs are 36 and 40 inches high and come in 26″, 30″ and 32″ widths and goes in the space your old tub or shower exist. You can get a soaker tub or get a Spirit tub with air jets, water jets, heaters and other exciting options. We also have our own experienced installers, that can handle all aspects of the job.

Now lets get into the Reasons why YOU need a Spirit Walk-in Tub:

Truth # 1 
The bathroom is the most dangerous room in your home! Most seniors struggle when entering and exiting a conventional bathtub or shower. Seniors feel threatened.

Truth # 2 
Injuries can destroy a seniors financial stability. Bruised ribs,broken arms, broken hips and other serious injuries can become quite costly. Plus nursing home cost can average $5,000 or more per month. Be pro-active! Staying out of assisted living or nursing homes can save you $60,000 plus per year and you still have your independents.

Truth # 3 
Water therapy for active seniors, is very therapeutic. Surgeries, bad backs and knees, or just a warm soak after workout makes you feel unbelievable. Conditions like arthritis, diabetes, MS, joint problems, lower back aches, poor circulation are worsened by long term neglect. We offer relaxation, pain reduction and invigoration!